24/7 Password Reset

Whenever users need to reset their password due to forgotten or expired credentials, they can do so without helpdesk assistance. When users enroll in SSRPM, they are required to provide answers to challenge questions.

When resetting credentials, re-answering these challenge questions verifies the user’s identity. Verified users may then reset their passwords according to whatever complexity restrictions you configure. It’s that simple.

24/7 Password Reset

24/7 Resets

So long as a given user completes the challenge questions, they can reset their password at any time, from anywhere, on any device.

24/7 Password Reset

SSRPM Integration

SSRPM seamlessly integrates with login prompts for other resources. For Active Directory or HelloID logins, a link is provided directly within the prompt. A portal is available for other resources.

24/7 Password Reset

Reclaim IT Bandwidth

If your helpdesk is spending up to 80% of their time on menial reset tasks, there are much more important IT projects getting put on the backburner. Free up IT with SSRPM.

Account Claiming

SSRPM’s Account Claiming Module helps your organization protect one of the most vulnerable stages of the user account lifecycle: safely handing off accounts and credentials to new users.

Account Claiming creates new accounts along with a unique “Claim ID” and may be disabled or set as inactive until a certain date (e.g., new user’s Day 1). The new user simply enters the Claim ID into the Account Claiming web portal to select their account. Users provide specific but non-sensitive information to verify their identity. Once verified, users can hit the ground running with their accounts right on Day 1.

Account Claiming


Account Claiming’s “Claim ID” provides a massive security boost over emails, sticky notes, intermediaries, and default passwords.

Account Claiming


The Account Claiming process is as easy as possible for end users: enter the “Claim ID”, verify your identity, and you’re off and running.

Account Claiming


With Account Claiming, you can ensure a new user’s account is entirely set up ahead of time and simply disabled until claimed.

Account Self-Service

With SSRPM’s Active Directory Self-Service, your employees may update basic personal information on their own. Changing names due to marriage, moving to a new address, and more can create menial helpdesk tasks for updating user data.

With self-service, users can easily make these updates themselves by logging into the SSRPM portal. The fields and attributes available for update are determined by your administrators to keep the configuration suited for your environment and processes.

Account Self-Service

User Self-Service

Enabling your users with secure self-service increases both their productivity and satisfaction. Everyone prefers knocking out a quick change over waiting on submitted tickets.

Account Self-Service

Minimized Helpdesk Tickets

Helpdesk tickets for every little change pile up fast. By letting users update their own basic info, your smaller queue let’s you focus on more important matters.

Account Self-Service

Secure Portal

Everything is handled via SSRPM’s secure portal. Users log in and can see all of the AD fields they may update.

Helpdesk Verification

In a world where remote workers are becoming more common, it’s increasingly important that your IT staff know for sure who they’re talking or chatting with. The SSRPM Helpdesk Verification module lets your support personnel authenticate a caller’s identity with pieces of their security questions.

Helpdesk Verification

Verify Identities

Helpdesk Verification gives you the confidence that your users who request IT help are who they say they are.

Helpdesk Verification

Intuitive & Easy

Answering the challenge question is easy for end users. Simply check your answers to SSRPM challenge questions and there you go.

Helpdesk Verification

Secure Data

Because SSRPM’s intelligent mechanism and reverse encryption prevent the helpdesk from knowing more than a character or two for the challenge question, there’s no risk of revealing passwords or sensitive data.


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