70% Less Working Time

Utilize dozens of data-driven visual annotations. Create 40+ chart types in a few minutes, including; Waterfalls, Gantts, Marimekkos and Agendas. 

Beautiful Results

Have the graphics knowledge of the top consultants at your fingertips. No tweaking, everything just looks right, customizable through PowerPoint templates.



100% Compatible

Work in your familiar PowerPoint environment; charts shared with PowerPoint users remain data-driven and are based on PowerPoint charts and shapes.

Easy To Use

Become a pro user within a few hours - All functions are available right at the PowerPoint objects, no need to learn lots of dialogues, toolbars or property panes.

Automate Your PowerPoint Work

Creating slides in Microsoft PowerPoint is painstaking. Frequently used chart types and graphical elements are missing and there is nearly no automatic placement. Usually, you end up manually updating numbers and pushing around shapes.

think-cell is different. It is a powerful charting and layout software that automates your PowerPoint work and such improves slide creation efficiency and quality. Within minutes you get well-laid-out and great-looking slides.

Save 70% Working Time On Charts

One of the leading consulting firms quantified think-cell's impact on chart production. One of their highly experienced graphics experts created and updated 48 typical slides using PowerPoint. The complete process took him over 10 hours.

The same graphics expert then received a short introduction to think-cell and started to create and update the slides using think-cell. He needed only 3 hours – saving 70% of net working time.

Create Beautiful Results

Create visual results you can be satisfied with, even at crunch time. Using think-cell you can bring your own graphics knowledge to your users' decks. Creating beautiful results without any tweaking.

Don't Tie Yourself To Incompatible File Formats:

Other 3rd party software for PowerPoint often relies on non-native file formats for charts, such as Flash, images or completely proprietary formats. Using such software means that you put your digital assets at risk when you decide to stop using it or the vendor goes out of business. You won't be able to change hundreds, or even thousands of charts you created.

In contrast, think-cell uses only native PowerPoint charts and shapes for its output. Charts created with our software and shared with pure PowerPoint users remain data-driven and changeable. And should you ever decide to stop using think-cell, all your slides and charts will remain available and changeable as if you had created them with standard PowerPoint.


think-cell is the de facto standard when it comes to professional presentations in Microsoft PowerPoint. Since the company is completely independent from any strategic or financial investors and highly profitable, we can fully concentrate on improving our existing software and innovating new products. To continuously meet the demands of our customers with a product that is expertly tailored to their needs, we make no compromises with regard to code quality. Our software developers are accomplished experts in their field. We give them room for cutting-edge ideas and solutions, and we only release our software once it is ready.


Over 15,000+ Customer Companies Use think-cell, So Can You

70% less working time

Create 40+ chart types in a few minutes Waterfalls, Gantts, Marimekkos and Agendas Dozens of data-driven visual annotations

Beautiful results

The graphics knowledge of the top consultants at your fingertips No tweaking, everything just looks right Customisable through PowerPoint templates

Easy to use

All functions available right at the PowerPoint objects No need to learn lots of dialogs, toolbars or property panes Become a pro user within a few hours

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