How It Works

Email Signature Manager is a powerful, yet easy to use, email signature solution designed for Office 365 and Exchange.

Once installed and configured using the getting started wizard, you can effortlessly create, manage and deploy consistent branded email signatures across your entire organization.

You can create and schedule campaign banners to be appended to signatures, which is a great way to tell the world about awards you won, events or promotions, or run marketing campaigns from time to time.

To help meet regulatory requirements and any internal legal requirements, you can create disclaimers that will be automatically appended to signatures. It is a legal requirement in many countries today for corporate email to include company name, registered office address and other registration details.

Overview Of Symprex Email Signature Manager

Create And Deploy Email Signatures

To all users including merged contact details, corporate logos, social media icons and links, and even personalized content such as user photos.



Works On Any Device Anywhere

Including smartphones and tablets, with mobile devices supported via a number of different methods to suit your requirements and platform.



Create email disclaimers

Including for example company name, registered office address and registration details, which is now a legal requirement for corporate emails in many countries.

Apply Different Email Signatures

To different groups and users based for example on department or location, and append the relevant campaigns and disclaimers.



Deploy Multiple Signatures

Such as send-on-behalf signatures, or to cover different roles or languages, for the user to choose between when using the Outlook desktop client.



Office 365, Exchange And Hybrid

Environments are all supported in one single solution designed from the ground up to be a scalable enterprise solution.

Create And Append Email Campaigns

To tell everyone about awards, events or promotions, or set up scheduled marketing campaigns that run from time to time.



Office 365 signature injection

By rerouting email through Symprex Azure servers, which works in the same way as our transport agent for Exchange.



Automatic signature updates

Ensure that your end users do not need to do anything for email signatures to work or be up-to-date with any design changes or new contact details.


We strive to develop and offer innovative and useful products that extend and improve Office 365 and Exchange in areas such as administration, collaboration, email communication, email branding, mailbox delegation and permissions management. Our products are proven in the real world. The ability to scale with the needs of our customers is inherent by design and is demonstrated in our customer base.


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