Curate and view the analytics that are most important to your organization.





Adhere to strict compliance regulations such as HIPAA, GDPR, FIPS 140-2, and PCI compliance.



Eliminate downtime with failover and load-balancing capabilities.





Automate processes, notifications, and security scans with a library of events and conditions.



Bi-directional file sharing & collaboration from every application improves productivity.





Take advantage of advanced encryption methods, secure protocols, and perimeter security.

Advanced Endpoint Protection

The greatest risk to network security is end-user access. WebDrive lets you control which applications are authorized to modify files on your server, minimizing the risk of malware insertion. It’s a seamless way to reinforce security and simplify user access — all without disrupting the way your users work.

Easy Deployment Options

WebDrive lets you easily preconfigure settings and push them to your end users. WebDrive can create multiple network drives that map to specific Cornerstone folders. This means your users will be able to access files in as little as three minutes.

Improved Performance

WebDrive’s advanced caching and file streaming make file access nearly instantaneous. You can optimize cache settings to keep frequently used files and folders in cache, or optimize for frequent updates of shared folders.

Instant Integration

WebDrive enables instant integration of custom applications and scripts with your Cornerstone server. There’s no need for coding or specific protocol commands. Any application that can read/write files on a network drive can securely access files on Cornerstone. WebDrive can extend the life of your legacy applications and ease integration for new application development.


South River Technologies is known for a deep expertise in security paired with an innovative approach to increasing productivity. SRT develops software for secure managed file transfer. Founded in 2001, SRT pioneered a unique client technology, WebDrive, that integrates into the Windows and Mac environments, creating an instantly familiar interface for users to access files on the Cornerstone MFT server. This innovative approach ultimately reduces training and support costs, while making file access and collaboration a simple, efficient process.


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