Latest Linux Support

With an X server based on X11R7.7, Xmanager supports Gnome 3 as well as OpenGL 3.1 (GLX 1.4).

Secure XDMCP

Eliminate XDMCP's inherent insecurity. Xmanager's Secure XDMCP uses SSH to encrypt your traffic.

Superior Session Management

Easily create, edit, and launch sessions from the main window using Xmanager’s Session Manager.

Comprehensive Support

A multitude of authentication methods, protocols, and algorithms to handle any situation.

Quick Commands

Create Quick Command buttons and sets for frequently used commands and assign them to specific sessions.

Highlight Sets

Define keywords/regular expressions to be highlighted in the terminal. Create Highlight Sets to apply to specific sessions.

Easy Transfers

Drag and drop files between remote hosts and see progress in real time. Manage queues and designate rules.

Image Thumbnail Previews

View thumbnail previews for image files directly within Xftp.

Comprehensive Support

Transfer types, authentication methods, jump host proxy, custom text editors, and more.


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