Host Digital Content On Your Own Server


Give Public Access

After publishing your digital document, you get a direct link and can share your content with anyone anywhere on the web. Self-host as many documents as you want with FlippingBook publishing platform.



Keep It Private

Protect your published content with a password or restrict the websites it can be hosted on. Disable Share, Print, and Download options to make your digital publication available only for viewing.


FlippingBook Publisher Features

With our self-publishing software, you can easily create stunning digital publications that will become the stars of your marketing campaigns. Our digital publishing features will help you to get the most out of your content.              


Make your digital content engaging with YouTube, Vimeo, and Wistia videos, links, GIF animation, pop-up and inline images.



Easy Navigation

Comfortable table of contents, thumbnails, and text search help your readers navigate through the digital content and quickly find the info they need.



FlippingBook Cloud

Publish your documents and host them online on our Cloud. Upload and update your digital content yourself without any help from the IT department.

Cross-Platform Support

Publish digital documents that will open immediately, work flawlessly and look amazing in any browser and on any device.



Content Security

Password protect your published content or restrict the websites it can be viewed on. Control who can share, print, or download your digital documents.



Search Engine Optimization

FlippingBook documents are optimized for search engines and can be quickly found on the web. Disable this option, if you want your content to stay private.

Branding & Design

Engage your readers with sleek design by adding 24 professionally designed skins, your own background, logo, and colour palette.



Easy Sharing

Share your digital publications anywhere you need: send a direct link, share via email, publish on social media, or embed to your website.



Web Analytics Support

Very easy to set up, FlippingBook Publisher integration with Google Analytics helps you track the statistics on how your digital publications perform.


FlippingBook is one of the world’s leading digital publishing software. We create products that help businesses get more from their digital content by making it accessible, comfortable to read, and interactive. Founded in 2004, FlippingBook has more than a decade of experience in building professional software. Our products have come a long way from HTML components for software developers to simple and powerful solutions that anyone on your team can use. More than 30,000 companies across the globe trust FlippingBook with their digital documents. FlippingBook works best for industries such as Manufacturing, Education, Healthcare, Real Estate, Publishing, Advertising, Wholesale, Retail, Media, and Professional Services.


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