Forms, Reports, Apps.

Build and deploy rapidly. Use offline, online, on-premises.

Barcodes, QR Codes, And RFID tags.

Integrate the real world in your apps. UI Automation, and Kiosk UI are making it easy.

Responsive Design. Desktops. Tablets. Phones. You Name It.

We live in a BYOD world. Let's treat your web app the same way. From the smallest of phones to the most "Pro" of devices, we have you covered. And with feature parity across devices, no need to compromise.

Rapid Development. Point, Click And drag To Configure Your App.

Shape your data with the Model Builder. Optionally configure app behaviour with the Project Designer. Customize code with Visual Studio if needed. Repeat as necessary.

MVC Specialized For LOB. Build Applications - Not Pages.

Go beyond the promises of popular general-purpose Model-View-Controller (MVC) frameworks for Line of Business (LOB). Work with SQL-based data models, map views to fields with automatic data binding. The user interface is routed through the action state machine.

Simple, Clean And Elegant Charts. Make Your Data Tell A Story.

Built-in pivoting automatically displays data on area, bar, column, donut, and many more. Effortlessly design your own digital dashboards. Tight integration with the client library ensures that any groups, sorting, or filtering will produce a corresponding result in the charts.

Enhance Presentation Of Dates With Calendars. Put Your Data On The Calendar. Stay On Top Of Schedules.

Put your dates on a real calendar with day, week, month, year, and agenda views with scheduling. Easy drag-and-drop controls permit users to keep their schedule in sync.

Geographical Data On Maps. Display Data On Interactive Maps From Major Vendors.

Address and city is all you need to have data seamlessly displayed on the map. Known latitude and longitude make it even better. Find the exact location with integrated Street View.

Use Conditional Styling With A Large Libary Of Glyphicons To Effectively Communicate To The User.

Sometimes you need to go further to call attention. Create conditional expressions for your data. Depending on the values of each row, display icons, backgrounds, and more.

Craft Dependable Business Apps. Enhance Apps With SQL, Code, Email And JavaScript Business Rules.

Every business gets things done in a unique way. We make it easy. Send emails in response to user actions, validate input, log activity, invoke code. Execute rules on the client or on the server. The only limit is your imagination.

Content Management System. Add And Edit Pages, Images And Files At Runtime.

Install the “Site Content” table in your database, and your app will have the Content Management System enabled. Dynamically add pages, image, files, and more to your web app, set dynamic access control rules, and alter app behaviour and security for particular users and roles based on the schedule that you create.

Integrated Security. Every App Needs It. We Have It Out-Of-The-Box.

Add ASP.NET Membership to any web app to gain access to an integrated security system, complete with User and Role Manager, Remember Me, Sign Up, and Forgot Your Password features. Designed your own security system? Define your custom membership tables and fields. Windows and Active Directory security is also supported.

Reports Everywhere. Take Your Data With You.

Print a report of any grid or form as an automatic report to Excel, Word, PDF, or TIFF. Design custom reports with RDLC.

Desktop And Touch. We Have Legacy Devices Covered, Too.

The app automatically switches to the best option for the current device. Legacy desktop user interface supports Internet Explorer 7, 8, and 9. Touch user interface supports everything else.




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