LoadUIWeb Pro

Affordable Web Load Testing

Affordable Web Load Testing LoadUIWeb Pro is a performance, stress and load testing tool
designed from the ground-up to help you focus on the tasks at hand. It doesn’t require
programming knowledge to start and it will accelerate parts of your workflow with automation
and wizards. With LoadUIWeb Pro you can generate load on premise, or from the cloud, you
can record user scenarios and optimize the load model using the freehand workload modeling
tool. LoadUIWeb Pro will also collect server performance data and include i

Scenario Recording and Playback

With LoadUIWeb Pro you can record your actions in a web browser or another web client 
application. All traffic is recorded into scenarios. You can assign scenarios to virtual users 
and simulate load during test playback.

Load Modeling for Performance Testing

In the load profile editor you can specify the number of virtual users to be simulated, 
the users’ scenarios, their workload profile, connection bandwidth, emulated browsers 
and more. It allows you to accurately model the expected workload, or to generate 
excessive load for stress testing.

Simulating Concurrent Requests

To download web pages, modern web browsers send multiple concurrent requests to 
web servers. LoadUIWeb Pro is the industry-first load testing product that is able to record 
and simulate parallel requests. This makes the simulated load close to real life as never before!

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Manufacturer News

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