Sparx Enterprise Architect

The Ultimate Modeling and Design Toolset

The Ultimate Modeling and Design Toolset

Twice winner of Jolt and multiple SD Times Awards with an installed base of 300,000+ licenses, supported by 230 partners in 160 countries. Widely used in domains such as health, aerospace, banking, insurance, automotive, defence, embedded, geospatial and government. Enterprise Architect helps everybody to “Think it Through”.

    Precise and Effective Modelling
  • Business Process Modeling
  • Engineer code in 10+ Languages
  • Fast and Intuitive Interface
  • Prototyping and Simulation
  • Debug and Visualize Applications
  • Visualize and design XSD and WSDL
  • Exceptional Value
  • Enterprise Architecture Frameworks
  • Scalable, Team-based Repository
  • Reporting in HTML, RTF and PDF
  • Stable and proven tools
  • Import Database Schema
    Take Control of your project
  • Requirements Management
  • Mind Mapping
  • Complete Traceability: Design to Deployment
  • Integrate with Visual Studio, Eclipse
  • Project Management and Gantt Charts
  • Testing, Resource Tracking, Maintenance
  • Standards based Modeling & Design
  • Support for SysML, DDS, BPMN
  • Latest UML Specification
  • Profile and Metamodel Extensibility
  • Domain Specific Modeling
  • Much more, view the full list of features


Corporate Edition

The Corporate Edition of Enterprise Architect is a comprehensive modeling solution targeted at larger development teams.

Supporting a rich feature-set including model auditing, version control, role based security, mind mapping, the option for a DBMS repository, MDG Technology creation and utilization, shared models, debug and visualization for running applications, and more.

Automation interface access gives other applications the ability to create, access and modify Enterprise Architect UML elements.

The ability to import and export XMI compliant models allows for data distribution and model comparison to established baselines.

Rapid report generation in HTML and Rich Text Format, producing professional quality reports in seconds.

Corporate Edition also supports user security, replication and user level locking of elements and diagrams.

This comprehensive array of features makes it perfect for any large development team.


Professional Edition

The Professional Edition is a powerful modeling and visualization tool aimed at work groups, analysts and developers.

It supports shared projects through replication, shared network files and version control integration.

Edition features include code and database engineering, MDG technologies, mind mapping, a project discussion forum and RTF report customization.

Access to the Automation interface gives other applications the ability to create, access and modify Enterprise Architect UML elements.

The Professional Edition allows teams to debug and visualize running applications, manage and trace requirements and build complex systems.


Desktop Edition

The Desktop Edition of Enterprise Architect is a cost effective solution for UML and business process modeling, visualization and test management.

It is targeted at the individual analyst or developer that requires a flexible modeling environment with support for end to end traceability from mind mapping through to requirements and deployment.

The Desktop Edition supports version control integration and profile/meta-model extensibility coupled with HTML and rich text report generation.

Access to the Automation interface gives other applications the ability to create, access and modify Enterprise Architect UML elements.

Use mind maps to represent ideas, tasks and key concepts organized around a central theme as an aid to problem solving and structured decision making.

EAP project files are used to store and capture UML 2.4.1 models that can be used to visualize, inspect and understand complex software.

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