Layer2 Cloud Connector for SharePoint and Office 365

The Layer2 Cloud Connector for Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365 takes your local line-of-business data and documents to your cloud-based or any other hosted SharePoint - easy to connect, secure, always up-to-date, and bi-directional. No installation or

Layer2 Cloud Connector for SharePoint and Office 365 - Overview

Content stored in almost any corporate data source, e.g. SQL databases, file shares, ERP / CRM / ECMS systems or other legacy platforms and on-premise applications like Dynamics, SharePoint, Active Directory, SAP etc. can be synchronized with native SharePoint lists and libraries via secure web services. Cloud-to-cloud connections e.g. to Azure, Salesforce, Twitter, Facebook, Google, RSS Newsfeeds, XML etc. are supported as well. All features of native SharePoint lists and libraries are completely available for your external data, e.g. search, metadata, change notifications and workflows on external data change.

The connector was especially developed to solve the specific challenges of remotely hosted disconnected systems in the cloud without any direct access to corporate business data and very restricted feature customization capabilities. A data integration strategy needs to be within the foundation of any cloud computing plan. This integration needs to be innate to the architecture; it can't be something you're reminded of at the rollout meeting. The connector solves many issues that still exists with the SharePoint Business Connectivity Services (BCS) on-premise and in the cloud. It offers a more holistic approach that combines the power of data-, application- and process integration.
Office 365 / SharePoint 2010 - Cloud Connector Architecture
Fig.: The Layer2 Cloud Connector runs within the corporate network as a Windows Service to push and pull data from/to native SharePoint lists and libraries in Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 / 2013 or the Microsoft Office 365 cloud to connect with almost any other corporate data source.
Fig.: Connections are managed in the Connection Manager, a Windows Administration Console Application.
Fig.: Each data entity can be specified with a view settings only in just minutes, like data provider, connection string, data query and primary key. No programming is required to establish a connection.

Layer2 Cloud Connector - Awards & Certifications

Fig.: The Layer2 Cloud Connector is certified as Microsoft Platform Ready for Windows Azure

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