Code Reviews & Document Review

Built on the foundation of CodeCollaborator, Collaborator is the most full-featured code review product available. It is also the only code review tool that enables the review of other project deliverables like user stories, test plans and user documentation – in addition to code review.

Better Review = Better Quality

Collaborator makes code reviews easy and efficient for developer teams. This consistently leads to greater adoption of code review as a practice, and naturally, to better code. The key is the user experience, allowing other members of the team to easily and collaboratively provide feedback, and for the author to track and take action against each comment.

With Collaborator, the same user experience that coders enjoy is extended to other members of the project team – and to their deliverables – through document and artifact review. Product owners create user stories, testers create test plans, technical communicators create user documentation… and other members of the team provide detailed feedback on these deliverables.

The authors of these deliverables benefit from:

  • Receiving feedback on their work without reviewers altering their work
  • Keeping track of all the feedback and the disposition of each comment
  • Learning from each other by seeing comments from others – and commenting on the work of other team members
  • Interacting in real-time, if they happen to be reviewing the work at the same time

Collaborator creates an ideal environment for both code review and peer review of documents and artifacts.

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