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Minitab 18

Updated Session Window

The Session window not only looks better, but it also includes several great enhancements, including the ability to:

  • Specify the number of significant digits
  • Easily access graphs via links
  • Expand and collapse any analysis
  • Zoom in and out

Sort Worksheets

Easily manage your data within the Project Manager using new options for sorting your worksheets by title or in chronological order.

Definitive Screening Designs

Identify which inputs affect your outputs with this new type of DOE screening design. These designs can provide
an alternative to standard screening designs where main effects are confounded with two-way interactions.

More Distributions for Tolerance Intervals

Calculate statistical tolerance intervals for nonnormal data using a wide variety of distributions
including Weibull, lognormal, exponential, and more.

REML for Random and Fixed X’s

Explore relationships between variables, run multiple comparisons, and calculate predictions for mixed

DOE Effects Plots

Visually identify significant X’s with effects plots for general factorial and response surface designs.

Gage R&R

Incorporate a user-specified process (historical) standard deviation in relevant calculations.

GLM Response Optimizer

Include both your factors and covariates when using the response optimizer to find optimal settings.

Command Line Pane

Enter commands to expand Minitab’s functionality using a docked pane that keeps commands separate
from Session output.

Word and Excel Improvements

Import Session output into Word and Excel in table format to easily manipulate and customize the
appearance of your results.

And more

Interested in seeing a more detailed version of What's New in Minitab 18? View the full list.

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