Snag IT for Windows

Screen capture and
so much more!

Snagit is software that lets you communicate without
confusion. Get your ideas across with custom images
and videos you create in minutes.

Snagit on Windows Features

Capture anything on your screen with the ultimate screen capture tool. With Snagit’s easy-to-use tools, you can quickly create images and videos to give feedback, solve a problem, or show off something cool. Snagit empowers you to communicate efficiently with visuals that give your ideas clarity and help you explain any subject.

Capture Anything

Your capture is just a click away.

Quickly capture what you need, when you need it. No matter what program or browser you're using, Snagit OneClick stays on top of your current window - always available when you need it. Get instant access to image and video capture tools, hotkeys, capture profiles, and the Snagit Editor. Always ready when you are, OneClick lets you instantly capture anything on your screen.

Communicate clearly.
Video Capture

Don’t confuse your audience by trying to explain a complex idea with only words. Instead, show them with video! Easily create screen videos for demos or quick reviews, and share them with anyone, anywhere. Plus, Snagit now records system audio automatically, so you’ll be able to capture sound from your computer, such as a YouTube video, during a recording without any extra effort.

Customize Snagit installation and deployment.
MSI, REG Settings, COM Server

IT and system administrators can customize and deploy Snagit to best fit their institution's needs by configuring the MSI, REG settings, or even utilize a COM server. Change Snagit's look and feel, include custom profiles, and determine some settings and behaviors.

Deployment Tool »
MSI Installation Guide »
COM Server Documentation »

Quickly capture exactly what you want.
Time-Saving Profiles

Streamline your capture process by saving the settings for your most common capture needs. Snagit includes a wide variety of default profiles for you, or you can create your own custom profiles to automate sharing destinations, file naming, file formats, captions, effects, and more. These time-saving profiles make your work faster and easier - right out of the box.

Enhance Your Images

Highlight what’s important.
Spotlight & Magnify

Draw attention to a specific part of your image. Just select the portion you want highlighted and Snagit will blur and darken everything else.

Enhance with effects.
Markup Tools

Easily add effects to your images. Draw attention with arrows, hide sensitive information with a blur, add a text callout or torn edge effect to your captures, and so much more.

Work Efficiently

Stop searching, and save time.
Auto-Storing & Tagging

All of your captures are automatically saved to your library, with the most recent captures viewable all the time. You can also search for your captures by date, website, or a flag that you assign. Quickly find past captures without spending time digging for them.

Save, Share, or Send

Efficiently share your images and videos.
New Outputs

Save, share, or send your image and video captures to anyone with a variety of outputs. Easily send your image captures to the usual lot, or now share to Facebook, Twitter, and Evernote too. When you’re done recording or capturing a screen video, you can choose to send your video to Camtasia Studio for editing or, YouTube, FTP, Facebook, or Twitter for easy sharing.


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