Site Remote Kiosk

Remote Management Software for Kiosks and Digital Signage

Remote Management Software for Kiosks and Digital Signage

Central Server Management Console

Snapshot of all machines at a glance
Grouping of machines / Virtual folders
Remote Screenshot feature
Machine location map

Remote Maintenance

Remote configuration updates
Remote desktop access via VNC
Remote monitoring / Alert system
Batch jobs for machine groups

Remote Content Management

Job execution for common tasks
Digital signage campaigns
File management application
File synchronizing

Reporting & Statistics

Reports (Scheduled & custom)
Log files / Real-time stats
Software & hardware inventory
Heatmaps for usage tracking

Just a few steps and you are done

1. Open a team account

Test our remote management solution free for 30 days.

Try for free!

2. Download our client software

Download the free trial version of SiteKiosk and install it on your PCs or DS displays.


3. Create configuration

Use the configuration tool to configure the software and register the client machines with your SiteRemote team account.

4. Monitor

Use the management console of your SiteRemote team account to maintain and monitor your client machines and to
update content. SiteRemote is subject to a separate license fee.

5. Digital Signage

Optional: SiteKiosk allows you to display time-controlled multimedia content.

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Manufacturer News

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