Xmanager is the leading PC X server in the market that brings the power of X applications to a Windows environment. With Xmanager, X applications installed on remote UNIX based machines run seamlessly with Windows application side by side. It provides a powerful session management console, easy-to-use X application launcher, X server profile management tool, SSH module and a high performance PC X server for securely accessing a remote and virtualized UNIX and Linux environment.

Today’s IT infrastructure requires various operating systems to run side by side. UNIX and Linux are rapidly replacing mainframes and Windows servers, but Windows is still the choice of platform when it comes to desktop PCs. Since X Window System is the standard technology that any modern UNIX based systems comes with by default, Xmanager requires no additional server side installation and only little or no changes are required to your existing IT infrastructure. Xmanager provides a single point of access to consolidate heterogeneous OS and provides a flexible work environment to increase productivity. Try Xmanager 4 for free for 30 days to see if it is the network connectivity solution for you.


Xmanager is used in various fields of work including large-scale craft and semiconductor designing and server management in an IDC (Internet Data Center). It is widely used by server administrators of universities and corporations, as well as personal users who want to connect to remote hosts over the internet. Xmanager is an easy and powerful PC X server designed to satisfy the needs and wants of these various users.



  • Connect to the remote server system whether you are at work or at home.

    If your home and office PC are connected to the internet, you can work remotely from home. It is impossible to handle all business tasks with only text-based terminals (such as telnet). The Secure XDMCP feature of Xmanager 4 will connect from a private network or even from behind a firewall.

  • Share the X applications and Unix/Linux server systems.

    A group of users can share various X applications like CAD/GIS that run on Unix server systems. This is specially useful in an environment such as a company's training facility or computer rooms of schools where user groups often switch in and out.

  • Run MS Windows and Unix/Linux applications simultaneously.

    Xmanager helps you finish your job efficiently in a complex network environment. You can easily switch from window to window on your computer screen.

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