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Increasing storage demands require effective methods to regulate and control disk space usage. Simply expanding storage capacity will not solve this problem as it will only add another point of failure, more operational costs and additional back-up requir

Regulate available disk space with Disk Quota Management Software Directory for Windows 2008 2003 XP 2000 NT

SpaceGuard SRM is a proven disk quota management solution allowing systems administrators to regulate the available disk space for end-users effectively. The solution guarantees the reliability and availability of file servers and ensures that their capacity is not used up unnecessarily. SpaceGuard SRM will provide automatic notification when the threshold value for the available disk space is exceeded, provide a warning to users, temporarily block access to disks and filter files of a particular type.

SpaceGuard SRM offers network administrators a convenient way of setting and enforcing disk space quotas to achieve considerable time and cost efficiencies. This will result in reducing the frequency with which new servers and backup hard drives must be purchased because of increasing of storage capacity use. SpaceGuard SRM also considerably reduces the amount of time that network administrators normally have to spend reclaiming disk capacity consumed by end-users. After all, it doesn’t matter how much disk space is available; eventually end-users will utilize all the disk space available to them.

SpaceGuard SRM provides administrators with an API they can use to automate the configuration. Among other things, administrators can have external applications automatically set quotas on the basis of certain attributes e.g., cost centers, without their intervention and without the need to launch SpaceGuard SRM’s management console.

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