Remote Administrator

Windows 8 сompatible

Full control of the remote computer
View the remote screen
Transfer files
DirectScreenTransfer™ technology
provides the highest operating speed
All transferred data is protected
with 256-bit AES encryption
Shutdown or
Remote systems administration and tech support

With Radmin you can:

  • Access network computers remotely over a LAN or via the Internet

  • Provide instant tech support for your staff

Use remote access to provide fast technical support and administer employees' computers and servers.

Solutions for Enterprise Businesses

Radmin Remote Control - Remote administration of LAN

Most corporations having multiple branches need to have a network administrator at each location. These administrators are in charge of network operations and are fully responsible for everything that happens with their servers and computers. They need 24/7 access to their branch and headquarters as well as to other administrators.

However, being fully able to perform their work remotely eliminates travel expenses so it is labor efficient and cost effective. Furthermore, the capability of remotely controlling PCs and servers saves time, money and can contribute to a company's success and leadership.

How Radmin Remote Control Software can contribute to your company’s success:

  • It saves time and eliminates travel IT pros can remotely control any desktop PC anywhere on a LAN, WAN or the Internet at any time 24/7.
  • A technician can access a user’s computer remotely and fix problems as if he were right there in front of the remote PC. This is crucially important for enterprises where all employees are constantly interacting and every delay has consequences.
  • Radmin makes helpdesk responses more effective and reduces repeat traffic.

Radmin has had an outstanding reputation in remote systems administration for some years now and IT pros know about its unbeatable performance, mission critical functionality, strong encryption of all transmitted data and basic usability. See for yourself, download free 30-day trial.

5 reasons IT professionals choose Radmin:

1. Security

It is obvious that with a task like accessing a remote corporate PC, security is crucially important. Radmin remote control software employs the most stringent security methods available on the market. All transmitted data—screen images, mouse movements, keyboard presses and audio streams—are encrypted and cannot be intercepted. Read more

2. Affordability

Radmin's affordable price puts it in a class of its own. The tools have been designed to contain only real mission critical functionality—that is why we are able to pass the savings on to our customers. Famatech offers very flexible licensing policies for enterprises and is the best remote system administration solution for companies requiring a minimum of 200 licenses. More about discounts

3. High-Speed Connection

Radmin is the fastest remote control system available on the market today. Unique algorithms make your work comfortable even on very tight bandwidths.

4. Reliability

Radmin never crashes and never causes "blue screens of death". Tested and proven by our clients- 40% of "Fortune 500" companies

5. Low System Requirements & Easy deployment

Radmin has no special hardware requirements. If your computer runs Windows, Radmin will run on your computer—it's that simple. Radmin Server can be configured, deployed and activated remotely on any number of computers via the Radmin Deployment Package.

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