Packed with User convenient features to Maximize productivity
Xftp is packed with powerful features that can maximize user productivity. For example, Session tab allows users to create and manage multiple sessions within a single Xftp window and direct e

Xlpd is a simple line printer daemon and print job management tool for Windows. It receives print jobs from remote servers using LPD protocol and sends the print jobs to a local printer. LPD has been the standard printing protocol in various operating systems including UNIX, Solaris, and Linux for many years. Since it is supported in almost every operating system, no additional setup is required on the remote side. It is a flexible printing solution that can be used as a simple LPD for a single PC or as a centralized printer server in companies to manage large number print jobs. Xlpd can work with Xmanager and Xshell to print the file you are working on in real time.

Print remote documents from a local printer

Xlpd helps you print remote files locally without manually downloading them into your local computer. When you are connected to a remote UNIX/Linux system with Xmanager or Xshell, you can print remote documents easily by clicking the print button on the application or simply by entering the print command.

Print local documents from a remote printer

With Xlpd installed on the remote PC, you can send local documents directly to the remote machine for printing. There is no need to install an application on the remote machine to open the file for print. By eliminating the need to transfer an actual file, it can greatly lower the risk of losing important data.

Manage multiple print queues / Detailed print history logging

Xlpd saves requested print jobs under corresponding print queues. With multiple print queue support, users can now have different settings on each print queue. Once Xlpd receives a print job, it can be sent directly to printers or place it in a queue for manual printing. Since Xlpd saves detail history and log of all print jobs and errors, the administrator can have more control over the printing process.

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