Network Configuration Manager

Network Configuration Manager

Automated Network Configuration & Change Management
• Enables bulk change deployment to thousands of devices
• Performs automatic, scheduled network configuration backups
• Protects against unauthorized & erroneous netw

Network Configuration Manager - a Hassle free Configuration Management Software

SolarWinds Network Configuration Manager (NCM) simplifies managing configuration files for your ever-growing list of network devices. NCM lets you centrally manage all of your multi-vendor devices from a single intuitive, point-and-click Web console—no more having to manually Telnet/SSH to each device to make a change or fix an issue. Instead, you can reap the benefits of automated network configuration backups, bulk change deployment, real-time change alerts, detailed inventory lists, and out-of-the-box compliance reporting. With NCM, network configuration management has never been so simple!

Network Configuration Manager: Highlights

Automatic Configuration Backup

SolarWinds Network Configuration Manager automates performing backup of network device configurations on a regular basis for routers, switches, firewalls, access points, and more.

Real-time Configuration Change Alerting

Network Configuration Manager allows you to receive real-time alerts when configurations change, giving you more control, instant visibility, and improved security.

Device End-of-Life Management

Network Configuration Manager makes it easy to research and associate end-of-life dates for your Cisco® and Juniper® routers and switches and to create reports for budgeting and device replacement.

Configuration Comparisons and Rollback

SolarWinds Network Configuration Manager enables you to identify and repair unauthorized and failed network configuration changes.

Network Configuration Compliance Management

SolarWinds Network Configuration Manager actively maintains network configurations in compliance with internal security policies and external regulatory standards like SOX, HIPPA, PCI DSS, NIST and more.

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