SQL Compare

Compare database schemas
and deploy differences

SQL Compare compares and deploys schema changes

  • Save time comparing and synchronizing database schemas
  • Eliminate mistakes migrating database changes from dev, to test, to production
  • Speed up the deployment of new database schema updates
  • Generate T-SQL scripts to update one database to match the schema of another
  • Find and fix errors caused by differences between databases
  • Compare and synchronize within SSMS
  • Deploy to SQL Azure databases, or SQL Server on Amazon RDS
  • Using SQL Compare to share changes? Source control your databases in SSMS, using your version control system and SQL Source Control

Do this and more with SQL Compare Pro:

Using SQL Compare to compare two databases Screenshots: Using SQL Compare

  • Deploy databases from source control
  • Compare and synchronize from backup and script files
  • Command line automation for continuous integration (requires a license of the SQL Automation Pack)

SQL Compare is the industry-standard tool for comparing and deploying SQL Server database schemas.

54% of the Fortune 100 use SQL Compare – because it's relentlessly tested, because it's easy to use, fast, and saves time.

You can work with live databases, database snapshots, SQL scripts in source control, or backups. SQL Compare helps you compare and deploy changes quickly, simply and with zero errors.

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