SQL Toolbelt

Everything you need to work with SQL Server

16 SQL Server tools in a single installer

Tools in the SQL Toolbelt:

  • SQL Source ControlSQL Source Control
    Connect your databases to your version control system
  • SQL CompareSQL Compare
    Compare and synchronize database schema
  • SQL Data CompareSQL Data Compare
    Compare and synchronize database contents
  • SQL PromptSQL Prompt
    Write, refactor, and explore SQL effortlessly
  •  SQL Data GeneratorSQL Data Generator
    Generate realistic test data fast, based on column and table names
  •  SQL Dependency TrackerSQL Dependency Tracker
    Explore object dependencies and visualize complex databases simply
  • SQL BackupSQL Backup Pro
    Compress, securely encrypt and strengthen backups - fast
  • SQL MonitorSQL Monitor
    SQL Server performance monitoring and alerting
  • Plus...
  • SQL SafariSQL Safari
    A year's access to the top 20 SQL Server titles on Safari Books Online.
  • SQL SearchSQL Search
    Search your database quickly in SQL Server Management Studio
  •  SQL DocSQL Doc
    Automatically generate database documentation
  • SQL PackagerSQL Packager
    Package databases as an .exe for deployment or update
  • SQL MultiScriptSQL Multi Script Unlimited
    Deploy multiple scripts to multiple servers with just one click
  • SQL ConnectSQL Connect
    Develop databases in Visual Studio alongside application code
  • SQL TestSQL Test
    Write and run unit tests in SQL Server Management Studio
  • SQL Comparison SDKSQL Comparison SDK
    Automate comparison and synchronization tasks
  • SQL Object Level Recovery NativeSQL Object Level Recovery Native
    Recover database objects from SQL Server backups

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