Diskeeper Server

Would being able to automatically increase server performance help your business? Diskeeper 12 Server has a new, more intuitive user interface and offers proactive, enterprise level technology that prevents file fragmentation before it starts. With new di

Boost System Performance Network-wide

  • Faster System Performance
  • Increased Server Uptime
  • Extended Disk Life
  • Reduced I/O Activity
  • Faster Backups & File Access
  • Reduced IT Maintenance Time
  • Prevent Fragmentation Bottleneck
  • Consolidated Free Space
  • Reduced I/O Activity
  • No Impact on System Resources

Boosting system performance not only boosts application performance but also increases business productivity. At the deepest level of system activity, how a file is written and retrieved is the most basic level of I/O performance.

Done incorrectly, it can be the most significant factor in reduced I/O performance. Files are written in fragments to the file system and the amount of fragments accumulates fast, causing read/ write speeds to decline quickly.

Diskeeper with IntelliWrite® fragmentation prevention technology writes files contiguously to the disk, intelligently manages free space, reduces I/O activity and optimizes the data flow for the best possible business productivity - all without any resource conflicts.

Diskeeper runs invisibly in the background without scheduling, maintenance or resource conflicts – it just works, seamlessly and automatically – saving you time and money.

Diskeeper Datasheet


  • IT Manpower – by reducing help desk calls and IT maintenance.
  • System Uptime – by eliminating fragmentation bottleneck & reducing hangs, freezes and crashes.
  • Hard Drive Lifespan – by reducing unnecessary I/O activity that can lead to hard drive failures.
  • User Productivity – by reducing the time required for backup, boot-up, file access and more.
  • System Speed – by increasing application launch speeds, email and file access.
  • Storage Performance – by reducing I/O bottlenecks from servers & storage devices to PCs.


  • Hardware Replacements – by increasing hardware lifespan & reducing storage requirements.
  • Overtime – by decreasing the need for off-production, after-hour defrag and IT maintenance.
  • Lost Production – by allowing users to work faster with less server delays, lags or downtime.
  • Electricity – by reducing the energy consumption and cooling requirements for your servers.

While other technologies solve the problem of application and storage performance degradation after the fact, Diskeeper prevents the problem from occurring – allowing your servers to run at peak performance at all times.

For SAN storage, Diskeeper Server is now optimized for SAN environments with additional features like CogniSAN® technology.

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